Buy HCG Online

Things to check to before you buy:

Do they have a New Zealand free phone number and address listed on their website?
This guarantees you are buying from New Zealand supplier, and they care about support.

Do they have an active FaceBook Page?
A good way to see if a company has any negative feedback is to check out their Face Book page. Do they have many people liking their page?

Make sure you get everything you need when you buy a HCG kit.
Being emailed very vague instructions or receiving photocopied pages that have been printed off the internet is not an acceptable HCG guide.

Watch out for unrealistic claims about how much weight you will lose.
Watch for claims trying to get you to buy their HCG products. You will not lose 40 Kilos in 40 Days.

Where can I order from a reputable New Zealand based company?
If you are looking for fast support, effective HCG Diet drops and results that have been proven over and over again, then try ROSE COOK - NZ HCG Diet Weight loss.

If you do the diet correctly, you can lose up to 15Kg's on the 21-day course and up to 21Kg's on the 40 day Course. Some people do lose slightly more. 

This is a list of things that are required when doing the HCG Diet.


1. The HCG Formula


HCG drops should always be purchased from a New Zealand based supplier. The website should state where the business is as well as having a valid New Zealand phone number.

The makeup should contain HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) and Amino Acids. This combination delivers the best results.

The HCG drops should have an alcohol base (20% Kosher Alcohol), and it should have a slightly tangy taste. If the HCG has no taste or is made with water, it is best avoided as these are usually the "fake drops" or "ineffective drops".


2. Guide Booklet & Instructions


Without proper instructions or guide booklet, doing the diet will be extremely hard. There are guidelines that must be followed to ensure the maximum amount of weight will be lost in the shortest possible time frame. Your HCG Diet program should come with:

• Instructions outlining the three important phases of the diet.

• A List of foods that you are allowed to eat and are approved for the HCG Diet (This makes it easier to do you shopping)

• Daily food examples

• Some form of weight/diet tracker to monitor your progress

• Recipes using the HCG Approved foods

3. Vitamin B Supplement

        small bottle

A good Vitamin B Supplement is an essential tool while on the diet. If you don't get one with your HCG Drops. It is highly recommended you buy one.

These usually cost around $25-$35.

The Vitamin B plays an important role in cell metabolism and will help keep you alert and energy levels high.

4. Accurate Measuring Dropper 


You should not be guessing the amount of HCG you need to be taking. If the label on the bottle does not have an exact amount that needs to be administered, then avoid it. Suggestions such as take 8-12 drops or up to 20 drops at a time are far too inaccurate.

Each formula if tested and developed properly should be stated in ml, how much to take ie. 0.36ml

If you take too much you, body may build up a tolerance to quickly and will leave the HCG ineffective. In addition to deplenishing the supply prematurely. Take not enough and again the HCG drops will ineffective.

5. Support/Training


 Before purchasing any HCG program online, check that they have a FREE support network in place.

Make sure they can be contacted by free phone, email, and FaceBook. If they don't have these in place, you may find your self-hunting on the web for answers and advice.

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